Cool Dash

In Cool Dash you have to try to avoid the different obstacles you run into, whatever it takes, as well as avoiding falling off the edge in this classic game

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There are video game formats that, despite how old they are, continue to be as addictive and effective as the very first day they were launched. Cool Dash offers us a title that, despite appearing decades ago, is perfect to play at any moment of the day.

Slide and jump to avoid obstacles

It's the typical arcade platform game in which we control a sliding object (maybe a disc or even a puck) that moves around the surface having to avoid the different obstacles it comes across. You'll have two challenges to complete: the first one is avoiding the obstacles, the second is one is making sure you don't fall off the edge each time you jump from one platform to another.

A sort of Geometry Dash for Windows.

With regards to the game's graphical aspect, it comes along with those colors and graphics that could belong to an old 8-bit video console or an arcade machine from the 80s'. A simple game that will allow you to have a great time on your PC without any other intention than making as much progress as possible.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Windows 8.1 or above.
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