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With Codecademy you can learn how to program in several languages and APIs online and from scratch. Learning with Codecademy is interactive and progressive

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Learning a programming language can be hell... Or totally the opposite. Imagine that you could do so from scratch, with a tutor and in a progressive manner. Well, this is what Codecademy offers you.

Learn to program online

Codecademy is a web application with which you can learn the syntax and functionalities of several programming languages, such as PHP or JavaScript, and APIs. Each course is divided into lectures, the student has a comfortable interface divided into three areas, in which the instruction is indicated, the data are input and the data are represented. You will start off with very basic exercises, to then slowly increase their complexity. After each lecture, you can carry out exercises that test what you have learnt, as well as having a user area to monitor your achievements.


  • Online programming language (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python and Ruby) and API courses.
  • Interactive learning method.
  • Progressive difficulty.
  • User area to monitor the achievements made.
  • Register as a user with an email or by means of your profile on social networks (Facebook, Google+ or Twitter).

With Codecademy you can learn to program from scratch and in a progressive manner.

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